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Millsberry Users Rules

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Millsberry Users Rules Empty Millsberry Users Rules

Post by Admin Kayla:) on Sat Aug 08, 2009 4:44 pm

1. No spamming.
2. No cursing(cussing, swearing).
3. No impersination.
4. No fighting, keep fights in private messages.
6. Post in the appropriate topic.
7. Chose the appropriate topiuc title.
8. No scamming.
9. No discrimination, gainst race, etc..
10. No copying. Don't copy someones post
11. Post in the right catagory, forum.
12. Don't plagerise.
13. No clone disscussion.
14. Don't give out your personal information.
15. Do not post the same thing multiple forum.



These rules have been wrote by all of the Administrators of Millsberry Users. You may not copy the whole set of rules, in the same order.

It is your responsibilty to tell you if a new rule is added, if you break a new rule and you did not know, we will not remove your warning.

If you do not agree with the rule(s) you may leave the forum at any time.

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Admin Kayla:)
Admin Kayla:)
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Unbelievably Sexy Admin

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